Create APP python, about ChatAPI

For $1,500 — Ends 4 Jul 2018

We have a documentation we can provide to express TECHNICALLY what we are looking for.
Actually, it should be a PYTHON app that runs OVER any ChatAPI known for WHATSAPP.
It could be based in WINDOWS or LINUX, depending on the stability of the ChatAPI used.
We would like to create 3 functionalities:
1- Receive a message, understand it, look for its response in our DB, and send it to the corresponding user. (DB is stored in CLOUD SERVER, which is filled by a tiny WEBAPP, which provides de GUI to save words, and its response). We will provide technical names of tables and fields.
2- Schedule auto sending messages, for those who already talked us. We will save some content, in specific day/hour, to be sent.
3- A tiny functionality to make surveys. It is based in a question sending, response understanding, and storing. (Our WEBAPP, provides the GUI to store questions, for surveys).
Experience in Similar Projects is desired. - $1500.0

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