Excel, SAS health care model program

Ends 4 Jul 2018

Actuarial consulting firm looking for SAS, Excel program to create a model. This is a simplified project. The ultimate project will include something similar plus a flat file with 600,000 records that will need a number of calculated fields added, some statistics generated, and some logic programed with output graphs and tables.
Simplified project
Two Excel Workbooks with 5 worksheets each will contain the input data.
A. Only use the Renewing plans – row 17
B. For each plan match the plans in 2018 that were there in 2017 for each company.
C. Pull data from:
1. The 2018 Metal level (row 14)
2. The 2018 rate increase (row 26)
3. The 2018 members (row 48)
4. The 2017 members (row 48)
D. Calculate the membership change from 2017 to 2018 (2018 membership – 2017 membership).
A. Create a scatter graph for each metal level of the membership change versus the rate increase with the trend line, slope, and R2 (Coefficient of determination).
B. Provide a multiple variant regression showing the change in membership based on the metal level and rate increase showing at least:
a. R2 (Coefficient of determination);
b. Adjusted R2
c. Coefficients;
d. Standard error;
e. T stat; and
f. P value. -

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