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For $1,500 — Ends 4 Mar 2018 (in 5 months)

there is a guy named trumpet. he is the president of United Mericano. However the problem is that he thinks he is right but he is not. Public of UM hates them to hell. So if you can make a simple flash game which can earn ad clicks.
Followings are the goals.
1. whenever trumpet speaks, media people throw tamoto, shoe, egg etc. three face hits go to next stage.
2. whenever trumpet announce new policy people start backfiring like protest, making ugly naked statue etc. go to next stage.
3. this is tough stage then first two. somehow people try to connect eachother like teardrops becoming bucket of water. gathered people start protesting.
4. this is very hard stage. IT smart guys gets massive saking. they start taking up revenge against trumpet. like planting xyz in computers and trumpet become angry. Keep planting more and more his face becomes more red and red. They keep doing it untill trumpet becomes red and blasts.
5. Game is won when trumpet becomes mad or blasts with anger and starts behaving like one.
6. Game is over if anystage you are failed in 3 attampts. Total 5 attampts allowed in whole game.
7. add score in anyway you like whilst playing.
If you have any suggestion please shoot me. Your selection will be based upon your suggation. I want atlest 100k clicks on my game per day. Therefore I can make good money from this game. So never have to work for my stupid company anymore. - $1500.0

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