Qualcomm CSR8670 Bluetooth

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Project Description
We are currently using a CSR8670 to bring in audio through the A/D converters at 24KHz. The audio is then routed through the Kalimba and then to the I2S port in. The I2S is in slave mode. We have all the source C code for the above part of the project.
We now wish to add Blue Tooth capability to the system. The above system is hooked to a long-range radio thru the I2S bus. We want to be able to use Blue Tooth headsets instead of wired headsets.
This means that our CSR8670 will need to be in source mode for Bluetooth applications. Also since Bluetooth only works in 8KHz or 16KHZ modes, we need to use a “sample_rate_converter”. Since most noise canceling algorithms are also based on 8KHz or 16KHz, we wish to switch to a system that is 8KHz based.
1. Put our CSR8670 system into source Bluetooth mode so that it will be the master which will add in other Blue Tooth headsets. The whole Bluetooth system will have to be added.
2. Set up all sampling rates to work at 8KHz for the A/D converters and the Bluetooth Headsets.
3. Use a “sample_rate_converter” to change the 8KHz to 24KHz sampling rate which goes to the I2S bus. The I2S has to work at 24KHz. The ADK4.3.1.5 and ADK4.3.0 has a sample_rate_converter.asm in the C:\ADK_CSR867x.WIN4.3.1.5\apps\source file area. You may have to come up with the filter coefficients for the upsampling and downsampling.
4. Integrate this with our current C program that does volume control and side tone control.
5. Add additional controls to switch between A/D inputs for the audio or Bluetooth. - $3000.0

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