Professional photo editing

For $78 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

I have about 12 group family photos which need to be given a professional finish. I have a few photos of each family group you can select different parts of them (e.g. if someone is blinking). These photos will probably take 15 minutes each to edit (so 180 minutes in total).
I have a further 30 photos which I would like you to give a professional re-touch finish to. I anticipate these photos will probably take 6 minutes each to re-touch (so 180 minutes in total).
360 minutes in total is 6 hours which at your hourly rates is £78. Does this seem feasible?
I can send you a google drive link to the raw photos.
Thank you,
Thank you,
I have large raw files for all of the above.

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