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For $100 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

I need a website created within 7-10 days. I know that is really hard especially the scope of it. I am willing to pay for it though. So if it takes a team or a crew to get it done, that's fine. I have exact specifications for the website which should make it pretty easy to make. I'd like to have a mock up within 24 hours of project acceptance. I'll immediately give you the changes I want and then we can start the coding. I don't care what you use for the website as long as I have access to lots of features in the admin section. After looking over project, if you have any suggestions that might make it a better website please make them. If it's something that can save time and make things easier I always appreciate it. So suggestions are appreciated.
Make me an offer along with how long it will take and if it's achievable. Seriously, please don't bid on project if you know you can't get it done. It won't end well if you bid on the project and are not able to finish it on time and to the way I want it. I'm purchase way too many other websites through upwork, fiverr and other freelance websites. - $100.0

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