Private crypto analysis application & simulator

For $750 — Ends 3 Jul 2018

Skills: Redis,, Node.js, DataTables, Python with storage on DigitalOcean or Amazon EC2
Personal Requirements: strong mathematical or analytical grounding with experience in financial/charts/candlestick analysis
This project is for the more numerate type as later stages will require complex number crunching and technical analysis. Rapid turnaround required with prompt communication via Skype chat. You will be helped with layouts and clear guidelines on the GUI.
Clean, meticulous and well annotated delivery is absolutely necessary as there will be other developers analyzing and enhancing your code.
This application simulates automated trading strategies where Stage # 1 requires an API integration with Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex. Table and Tab layout specifically in with column headers provided.
Secure Login - may consider 2fa.
API integration for live price.
Balance retrieval via API key.
Settings Page for all variables.
Main Table view.
Data integration & manipulation as follows:
1- For each exchange, display top V% of pairs relative to overall 24h trading volume
(The above is required for each base asset e.g. in Binance, it will be for BTC/ETH/BNB/USDT)
2)- Store OHLC prices for above pairs every 1 min in Redis for a period T (typically 8 hours)
(Or, every 30 seconds if possible as this will be better for the application going forward)
3)- Recreate candlesticks for time periods 1/3/5/10/15/30/60 mins
(no visuals needed - all data remains in tables)
4)- Show pairs which have had a/b/c consecutive price gains (i.e. green candles) where typically a=2, b=2.5, c=3
(example: User Selection set to -> Consecutive Candles =2.5 and TimePeriod =5mins)
See attached picture
5)- Display Max(High) and Min(Low) prices of pairs over period T
(e.g. if T=8hrs, display High & Low price for each asset over 8hrs)
6)- Display ‘position’ of Current_price (Cp) relative to Max/Min prices
(e.g. Low = 0% and High = 100% so IF Cp is exactly in-between, its position is displayed as 50%. Can also be -ve or +ve if breaking new lows/highs
See attached picture - £750.0

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