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General information for the business: colors based website
Description of requirements/functionality: I have a universe of 200+ colors for my site. If I use a colorpicker browser app like colorzilla I can grab the hex color of any item on a web page. I had a little color picker program done that sits on a web page which tells me the nearest of my colors any item is by pasting the hex in. But this is slow to do one at a time one page to the other and I have thousands of items to look to see which of my colors they are.
Keeping colorzilla where its eyedropper says my nearest color would be ideal.
The colorzilla browser add on says new palettes can be added using GIMP
So can my colorpicker program of colors be added as a palette to get me what I want?
Or something that does the same thoing.. eyedropper app from browser extension that takes my colorpicker info to spit out which of my colors any online pic is. i.e. a colorzilla giving same info in a different format
I can switch from Google Chrome to firefox for this if colorzilla is limited on this re palettes.. if that helps.
Specific technologies required: browser app
OS requirements: Windows
Extra notes:

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