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Hi Marko R.,
We are at the last stage of our app and only a few things need to be done. Could you let me know if this is interesting for you?
Please note that all the tasks are for Android and iOS and are listed hereafter:
- Debugging (if necessary) - as far as we know everything should be fine until now
- Chat: Add Date and Time to each message (Chat-function is already implemented)
- Chat: after clicking on profile picture the user shall be redirected to the profile-screen
- profile screen: The image is warped -> unwarp the image
- Menu: Needs to swipe in when swiping the finger over the left border of the screen (right now it is only by clicking - please do not remove the "click"-option)
- Search-function: Delete of single letters needs to be possible
- Home-feed: As soon as two items are being swapped they need to be removed automatically from the Home-feed.
- if possible: Improve reactiveness of the app (right now it seems a bit slow; data-synchronization of the "swaps" seem to be lagged
- deactivate Coin-Swap for now (do not delete - this function is needed at a later stage)
- Push-notification: If user A receives a message he shall be notified by Push-notification
- Push-notification: If user A receives a swap-request he shall be notified by Push-notification
- Inbox: add "glow" to the icon if new message is received
- Inbox: make it scrollable
- If swap-request received: make all the swap-requests scrollable
- swap-button on home-feed needs to be bigger
- if menu is active (slided in): deactivate scrollable of home-feed
- After uploading the image the user shall be able to cut the image up to his needs and continue to the next screen afterwards -> tags on the next screen shall be "new" / "used (< 2 years)" / "used (>2 years)"
Many thanks and best regards,
Gian - €45.0

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