Character Animation clean up

For $1,500 — Ends 28 Jun 2018

Hi everyone,
We are in need of a "Character animation" artist.
To clean up and smooth out 50 small animation loops/clips.
We have blocked out the base animation for our scenes, saved in 3DSMAX biped.
The animation will require smoothing between movements or remove twitchy hands/feet, or correct posture as an example.
All animations are individually saved on their own.
Placement, blending, and final timing will all be done in a game engine.
Example animation descriptions:
* walking with a cup of coffee.
* leaned up against a pole, talking on the phone.
* holds a hand up to his mouth, holding coffee in other.
* chopping vegetables
The project needs to be completed by 07 June 2018. - $1500.0

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