joint an objective C and swift applicatin

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I have an app that was made in objective C (rocket chat) and swift (licode)
rocket chat is for chat services while licode is for video conference. I want both apps to be united in only one yet I have no experience on IOS development
Client IOS Licode (Objetive-C)
The project that I´m working is ECIExampleLicode.
The Licode client is already configured to connect two users.
In the multiConferenceViewController.m file, the url address of the server is set as well as the required roomID to connect to the server.
Also in the file LicodeServer.m the address where the token is created is established:
static NSString * kLicodeServerURLString = @ "https://XXXXX3004/XXXXX/ as well as the id of the room to which we will connect.
You can download my client in the next link :
App Rocket chat iOS Native (Swift)
The native rocketchat code is in github of version of the app:
it cannot be compiled, it marks us some errors which we have consulted the developers, but we do not receive answers that help to solve the problems of the compilation.
Therefore, we did tests with the rocketChat app that is in the App Store and which is supposed to be the same as the github code. However, we found that the IOS version does not have the videoconference button and therefore we could not make the request to our server to make a video call. - $750.0

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