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Ends 26 Jul 2018

Hey - I'm trying to get a page created for someone who I believe is worthy of getting a page on wikipedia. I would do it myself, but the rules and everything to get a page up and approved seem say the least. If you are interested, please message me with your price. I will provide you as many links/sources as I can and the current bio and you can craft/source/format to fit Wikipedia's style and follow their restrictions to make sure they are not removed (including bio image if possible). I'm looking for the wikipedia entry and craft the content I give you to be posted/approved on the platform. Even if that means you need to cut a lot of it, that's completely fine as long as it stays up. I have examples of people in the related realm of this person who have pages that are pretty bare-boned, which makes me believe this can be done as well, that I will provide. Let me know what you think! submitted by /u/dee_c [link] [comments]

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