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• The project introduces an integrated project scheduling and planning tool for project management that enables fast and timely decision making to control project resources and project risks for a timely delivery. • The Planisware tool should be the one and only tool for division. The chosen tool fulfills the requirements of all parts of the scope except collaboration tool that will be in SharePoint. • IAOG & IAPG are the most mature to take decision. Rollout plan is under development. IAOG will start the “production phase” with modules scheduling and resources planning • Ambitious aim is to have Scheduling / resource management implemented in 22 HUBs by end of 2019. • Negotiation with Planisware is ongoing Apply now: https://www.loadjobs.com/jobs/is-functional-analyst-609?apply-from=reddit submitted by /u/Loadjobs [link] [comments]

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