Sort Centos 7 Server set up with Optimizations

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We have installed Centos 7 server as per the configuration of the old server. The old server was Enterprise Server 64G E5-1620v2. The new server is Xeon E3-1270v6 - 32GB 4TB HD with 500 GB SSD. The OS and the db has been installed on the SSD.
The website used to run on PHP 5.4.16. The new server has PHP 5.6.
All the data and most of the configuration has been done:
1. MagicWand need to be installed.
2. A symlink /usr/bin/composite into /usr/local/bin/composite needs to be created
The log error shows some proxy errors which we believe is due to some configuration issues. The following are the issue we are facing on the website:
1. Some PHP functionalities are taking a long time to execute
2. Sometimes while executing we are getting a '504 time out error NGINX' - $50.0

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