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I have a sleepwear garment that I would like photographed, to be used on my online store and campaign materials. The garment comprises of:
- top with optional thumb hole
- bottoms with optional foot stirrup (top and bottom can attach)
- socks
- storage bag for all garments, which converts into a pillow case
The shots should be on a white background and include:
- Top and bottom, with thumb hole and stirrups – front, back, side
- Top and bottom, no thumb hole and no stirrups –front, back, side
- Top and bottom, with thumb hole and sock – front, back, side
- Close up of top buttons
- Close up of top thumb hole
- Close up of bottom stirrups
- Close up of bottom pockets
- Close up of socks
- Close up of top and bottom attachment mechanism
- Storage bag with all items inside
- Close up of bag toggle
- Close up of bag pocket
- Pillow cover and storage bag
- Pillow cover in use
- Flat lay of all items
Would you be able to provide a cost estimate for taking the photos and editing them?
Where possible, the shots should be with ghost mannequins. The sleepwear is unisex – can you advise how you would usually shoot this?
Also, the sample that I have doesn't yet have a woven brand label – can this be added later during editing?
Lastly, I would prefer to be on set during the shoot, please advise if this would be possible.
Let me know if you have any questions or would prefer to discuss.
Many thanks,

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