Legal letter regarding boundary fence line

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I have a fence at the bottom of my garden which I do not own.
The Fence is in poor repair with rotting posts and fence panels
The fence is beng patched up by me to keep my dogs contained.
I am about to landscape the bottom of my garden and it will undoubaly mean the complete detruction of the remaining fence as the only thing holding it together are the branches and roots on my side of the fence.
Once they are removed the fence will have no support.
As I have animals I understand it is my obligation to contain them. I am therefore going to replace the fence.
I wish to inform the owners of
1) I am about to start landscaping right next to their fence
2) Their fence is in a poor state - beyond repair.
3) The will most likely be destroyed once I have started landscaping.
2) I am going to put my own fence up
3) Would they like to contribute to the cost of having it put up?
What I really want it for them is to put a new fence up at their cost. I understand they are not obligated to do so and I am happy with that. However, what I don't want to do is find there is a claim for damage from them after I have landscaped and erected a new fence.

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