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Easy money, solve problems get $700, I am having trouble integrating between two apps, one based on PHP, and the other one is based on NodeJS, the first app is Vicidial, this is the 2 problems,
1. Trying to send lead information by hooks to an http address on the NodeJs side, getting an error:
"PHP ERROR: Type=2 - Message=file(http://localhost:3000/vicidial/incomingcall?firstName=MINH&lastName=LEE&camp=TEST_SOL&phone=9256009668): failed to open stream: Connection refused - Line=4789 - File=/srv/www/htdocs/agc/vdc_db_qu ery.php"
connection refuse, the Vicidial try to establish a session connection with the Node app to transfer data but fail.
2. Sending an API calls, within the document. The NodeJS app have an iframe that connects to the Vicidial and has a session, API calls are passing successfully as long the page is not refreshing and the session continues but the problem with NodeJs that every time I send an API call through the server I have to respond with render or redirect and it's cutting the session and restart the iframe session I have no idea how to solve this if you got it congratulations you won $700
Ask me for more details
Please don't waste my time if you don't know - $1500.0

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