Presentation slides with images and music

Ends 24 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We would like to have a beautiful looking video presentation slide created for information catered for women who want to loose weight. Featuring our logo/bran at the start and end of video with links to our site etc.
We need both music/audio with copyright free photos to guide people watching on how to loose fat and lead a healthier lifestyle. Aprox 5-10 mins.
Tops will cover
Weighing scales
measurements hip/waist ratio
why taking photo is important
checking body fat
why food is your medicine
avoiding simple sugars
protein/healthy fay/fibre
berries/resberries/coconut oil/avocados/chia seeds/flax seeds and plant based protein.
weight training
HIIT training
Mobility Walking
reduce stress
learning to relax
cut out alcohol
food intolerances
We would like this done by early next week monday/tuesday as a deadline.

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