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I have an existing business plan -- and have gotten it to a point where I need professional support to make it look good and tell a better story. The essentials of the plan are all there, but it needs polish and finesse.
Here is the existing plan:
This is the existing presentation - a work in progress. Hopefully, you can read through this and understand what I am trying to achieve in telling the story of my company, and our plan.
This link provides access to a few new slides that tell about the app and the product we are creating. It also has pictures of a few of the DIY projects that we are creating, some diagrams explaining the kits a bit more, and a few screenshots from our app, which are also still works in progress. I am happy to answer questions and help you sort out what is what, and if you are confused at all by what I am trying to do.
There is one file in the drive called "Slide Photo Idea" that is an example of a slide I would like to have you create. I need to show that when you place the iPad over our little house-shaped kit box, that the app will come to life and offer an assortment of digital things to do. We can show the coloring book, the creatures animating, and the DIY instructions for the crafts to make with the contents of the kit. But the important part of this particular slide is that it quickly shows viewers of my presentation, that the box and paper dolls and stickers and such that come with the box, tie into a virtual world, some augmented reality functions of the app (put a sticker in your environment or on a pic of a friends face) . When I was at a tradeshow watching someone else's augmented reality demo, I took this picture as a good example of what I want this slide to achieve.
The rest of the slides need to be more creative and fun. I am open to text ideas and changes and need this to tell a compelling story, so I am looking forward to your help.
I would love your thoughts and ideas, would love to get an estimate of how many hours this could take and how soon you could have it complete? Thanks!

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