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For $750 — Ends 23 May 2018 (in about 2 months)

New to this so please excuse me if there is not enough information or I simply lack knowledge.
I work in a position where I have to run various mini-projects and it is a nightmare trying to keep up with every aspect. MS Project is "OK" but I think behind the times in the world of easy functionality.
What I'd like is an easy GUI for people to use, I can create a Project, add people to it, select task who is to do what by when etc and a pretty little progress bar, shows who is reliant on what to be completed (so like MS Project but just easier to use).
I'm not sure what would be the best back end to run this on so happy to be led, this is hopefully just the start of the process and it will be built on as it grows (so needs to be on something that will be able to add on as it expands).
Look forward to some feedback/help. - £750.0

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