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I'm a wedding photographer who uses Google Sheets to track jobs from enquiry to completion.
I currently use Zapier to automate several tasks as my knowledge of spreadsheets is limited at best.
Essentially, I manually input enquiry details, and as the job moves through it's various stages to completion, I use Zaps to update or create new worksheet entries and calendar events.
I'm not a fan of Zaps as they seem very hit and miss, and I don't particularly want to keep checking through my calendar and spreadsheet to ensure it's completed the zap properly.
The process is:
1. Manually input enquiry details to the enquiry worksheet.
2. Customer books appointment, I create event on google calendar, zapier puts event details into worksheet for appointment information.
3. Customer confirms the booking, I put a value in the confirmed column on the enquiry worksheet.
4. Zapier then transfers information to the 'confirmed weddings' sheet, and to the 'payment overview' sheet. Zapier then sets events in Calendar to remind of when payments are due, when completion dates are, when the actual wedding is, and when to send correspondence.
5. I send a google questionnaire nearer the wedding date to capture customers itinerary and other relevant details. This information is entered into a separate spreadsheet.
6. Zapier takes information and creates a google doc with the information simply formatted, and entitles it with customers name, event type (wedding etc), and wedding date.
This process would need to be repeated for pre-wedding photo shoots and misc bookings, too. It would all be on the same spreadsheet, except for the answers to the google questionnaire.
I'm hoping to find someone who can automate these processes for me without me having to rely on unreliability of Zapier.

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