Help me bundle a Python script into a self installable package

For $750 — Ends 20 May 2018 (in 3 months)

Given a simple Python script and init.d script (attached). Help me wrap it into a self-installable package.
What are the options?
1) apt-get private repository (that will be installed as a private repository)
2) .deb package (that will be downloaded with wget an installed locally)
3) you may suggest something else...
1) The package should be fully self-installable including dependencies:
- dependencies are python packages such as 'psutil'
- self-installing means placing the python script into the right place and configuring the init.d script
2) The package should uninstall itself
- it should unregister the init.d script
- it should uninstall any installed files
- it can remove unnecessary packages (but it it's complicated - let's drop it)
In every case, I am interested in the simplest possible solution that has minimal package dependencies.
You can modify the init.d script in any way if you want. - $750.0

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