OPC UA AC, Historic server & Client

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Please read everything before responding.
• Build DLLs which can function as an OPC UA AC (alarm conditions), Historical Access; Classic OPC DA A&E(Alarm & Events) HDA (Historical Data Access) client & server each. Support full functionality of OPC UA current version. The Servers will work against boolean data as Alarms or events or MS SQL Server database. The DB schema will be provided. Deliver the OPC DA A&E (classic) server first.
• A test application that will work with some 3rd party Historian that supports OPC. Allow us to test the finished solution with it also. Must specify the Historian intended to be used.
• A OPC UA client & server in .NET standard.
• The DLLs must not just be the examples downloaded off some web site which don’t have the source code.
• Need full source code for the internal part of the server & client. We need this source code in case we have errors or need to do optimization later.
• It can have dependencies on PUBLIC and FREELY, UNENCUMBERED AVAILABLE libraries if necessary.
• Works with latest .NET framework & Builds in latest MS Visual Studio as a .net standard library (preferred). We already have the UA data access version built.
More info on OPC may be obtained from OPC Foundation website.
You have to provide training to us for at least 8 hours to explain the coding topology-structure made in the project & also help encapsulate it into our code project successfully. The budget is flexible.
Complete source code in current form, with detailed documentation for this project, need to be submitted before any payment will be released. The code & all deliverable will become our property.
Please specify your team's hours (in GMT) when they will be readily available via phone etc.
We expect a week time of delivery from you after the award or specify the time of delivery. Provide us with rough milestones (if any) tied to payments. no upfront.
Delays will cause problems for our project.
DO NOT PROVIDE ANY IRRELEVANT INFO IN YOUR RESPONSE. Provide enough relevant info in your response so we do not have to ask any questions.
Only serious contenders need to apply & we shall assume you have understood & accept all conditions, unless specified otherwise. Our budget is flexible. - $1500.0

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