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Hello, how much would it cost for you to record these sentences in one audio file:
1. He could’ve broken the window of my car.
2. Josh must’ve been a popular guy back in college.
3. I shouldn't have yelled at you yesterday. I'm sorry.
4. He would’ve studied harder, but he didn't have time.
5. She may have forgotten to tell you.
6. He looks tired. He might’ve stayed up all night.
7. I could’ve stayed up late, but I decided to go to bed early.
8. Erica must’ve left. I can't see her.
9. I should’ve left my house earlier.
10. I wouldn't have eaten so much cake if I were on a diet.
11. My teacher might’ve called my parents about my bad grades.
12. The neighbors may have stolen my Christmas lights.
13. If I had gone to college, I could’ve gotten a better job.
14. I think he must’ve drunk all the milk.
15. She should’ve asked permission to do this.
16. I would’ve called you, but I didn't have your number.
17. They might’ve mentioned something to him.
18. The couple may have been murdered.

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