BLE-Feather M0-Windows 10 Core-Raspberry pi-Azure

Ends 18 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

Purpose of Project= Confidential
# of programmers: I recommend 2, each will work on different modules as outlined below.
List experience needed:
for now I am using Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit LE
Motion Sensor or PIR sensor attached to BLE
Windows 10 core
Raspberry Pi 3
Microsoft Azure IotHub/EventHub/Stream Analytics
Visual Studio 2017
UWP on Raspberry Pi 3
Xamarin Android/ios
Project Flow:
Feather M0 need to define it service and Characteristics. I am not sure if I need authentication but the data is only Read/Notify.
Sensor attached to Feather on GPIO
Raspberry Pi read changes from Feather through Bluetooth. Must be able to connect to multiple Feather BLE.
Raspberry Pi display Feather Characteristics Changes on Screen.
Raspberry Pi sends data to iothub
Stream Analytics detect data and sent to NoSQL database...etc.
Eventhub sends the data to notification hub
Android/ios receives notification data
Android/ios displays data history on APP.
Must also take consideration of the following:
store data on Raspberry pi in case of connectivity issue, then send when comes back.
Location of each Raspberry pi.
BLE will defined Service name and Characteristic names
BLE units can only be read by one raspberry Pi, configuration file.
Raspberry Pi configuration can be updated from the cloud.
- $750.0

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