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Hello I am Jim Berch!
I need you and some friends to test out a program I have been making! I have been making a chat client that has features of Camera sharing, photo submission and of course sms chatting! This project was built to allow me and my kids to communicate in a secure way. However now that it is built I plan on incorporating encryption methods. This will allow secure chatting with out having to worry about this like MITM.
This program is similar to jabber, however I plan on using a different encryption methods, and of course the added features!
More about myself. I am Jim like I said above I am 34 years old and from England. I made this inorder to maintain communication with my kids when I was away (They didnt have phones originally). Now I plan to make this into a large scale project, and want a few testers to just make sure everything is working, I also want to catch any major bugs before everything gets published.
What I need you to do:
~Have you and some of your friends download the program.
~Use if for a few days and keep reports of any bugs or other issues
~Enjoy it and keep in touch with me!
Below is a download to the client, please run the client before contacting and run through the initial setup. After that contact me and I will start setting up everything else you might need.
To play this game you will need the following..
500 mb of free space on a SSD/HDD
4GB of RAM
And a monitor and mouse :)
In the attached section below there is a system requirement checker. In the zip there is also a few dependencies for the game as well. Please, PLEASE run this before contacting me. If your PC can't run my game please don't waste my, and your time. Thank you! I am looking forward to meeting new people and working on my project!
Thank you for your interest! I really means a lot to me!!
The password is 1234 - $25.0

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