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HI there, I have a website www.primehealthdirect.com that was done way back in 2008 by some web developers who im no longer in contact with. (is hosted on siteground.com dedi ac ) While we have been able to make some very miner changes over the years, important stuff like adding products and so on we have been unable to do because we aren't in contact with the original PHP developer. It doesnt do a lot of orders but has chugged along over the years. However now it is getting these errors all over the site . (which i understand is basically old code that needs bringing up to date or something like that)
``Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/primehea/public_html/funcs.php on line 19``
which is putting off people from ordering.
1- Firstly in the short term id like if possible to fix this error on the site ? so that the few orders we get from it arent lost ( i can give the access to our siteground account control panel where its all sat)
2- and Id like someone to take a look at the site generally and advise whether moving forwards its worth saving or not - in the short term wed like to add products. (in the medium term wed like to revamp it a bit (i have a simple style in mind)
That`s essentially it - Hope you can help?
kind regards
Ken mcphee

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