Selenium Alternative Clicking automation

For $750 — Ends 17 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I have a neural network server that is ready for querying to solve an image rotation problem, I will share what service that is whenever I think you're a suitable candidate.
My bot is in .NET C#, the service I am botting sometimes requires an image to be rotated before authentication.
I am able to get the answer but I am having difficulty automating/clicking on the page. The service I am using seems to be able to detect whenever I use selenium to click on buttons as it acts strange when I use Selenium clicks but if I interrupt the automation for a manual click this strange (likely intentional) behaviour does not occur.
The behaviour is whenever I click done to confirm my answer for the image, the image will stay visible on top of the new image so that it's barely visible making it hard to continue to automate the process. - $750.0

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