Analyze 3 year post-deal performance acquiring company after M&A completion

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I experience difficulties with the data gathering for this research. This research examines the post performance of the acquiring company after the completion of an M&A deal. Time period (1995-2015).
Want to test if the M&A engaged acquiring companies experience long-term ( 3 year after completion) negative abnormal returns. Method: according Fama & French (1993) 3 factor-model (see attachment). So you have to construct these portfolios according to the Fama & French Method.
Already got all the deals M&A deals from 1995-2015, still have to link it with Datastream.
Also looking for a comparison between North America and Europe. And a analyses of Acquiror performance over time.
Requesting: Linking the data in datastream and perform the needed statistical tests according to Fama & French(SPSS or Stata).
In the attachment you an overview of the method in powerpoint, the article of Fama & French and the data criteria. The datafiles of the M&A deals will be send later, too big for uploading.
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Tom - €750.0

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