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Project: We're in need of a new template to dynamically link two form “select options” using php+MySQL+jquery with specific requirements noted below.
The form will have two option selects: “Makes” and “Models”
On launch of index.php it will run a MySQL query against “make_model” table with a hard coded ID to determine whether a record exists and behave as follows:
1.) if record with that ID does exist then create/display form populating BOTH option lists with *all* makes and *all* models but tag “selected” for make and model based on values from query.
2.) if no record exists then populate BOTH option lists with *all* makes and *all* models with both defaulting to “select make” and “select model” respectively.
3.) any change of the "makes" select will trigger a dynamic update to "models" select based on MySQL query.
Dynamic form requirement:
If user changes “make” select value then “model” select should dynamically (without page refresh) populate with new values from MySQL query to “models” table based on make ID selected.
Example starter-code and MySQL tables attached.
Must use jQuery version: jquery-1.11.1.min.js for dynamic option refresh.
Must use MySQL tables as-is
No access to our web/MySQL server will be provided, will need to build functioning proof of concept for review on own server.
Please include the word AWESOME in your reply to be considered. - $750.0

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