Odoo Dialog Flow chatbot, require python & node js expert

For $8 — Ends 15 Jul 2018 (in 7 days)

Hello, I need to develop a dialog flow chatbot to integrate with odoo API? it requires person must know about odoo, external API, Nodejs, dialog flow.
plz check docs, and tell me if you can.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1um_VWZONtytNWkgznbhH6DLraLezHQAM3dM8b9hJ1Xk/edit
Noted: Im looking for a long-term partner, so if you win this job mean the rest of odoo job will be your team. 4 jobs are waiting
This is NDA contract, and all my project will be NDA.
The price is fixed $800, no deal plz
Second job: I need to migrate my odoo hotel system from v10 to v11, and add some more feature that currently in v10 not complete yet.
if you have experience with Odoo at least 1000+ work then joint me. Otherwise plz don't, the price is fixed. Plz don't deal with price
The price is fixed $400, no deal plz - $1500.0

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