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Ends 15 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

General information for the business: Vintage Bus Hire Company
Industry: Lifestyle/Travel
Description of excel work: Hello,
I run a small vintage bus hire company in North Wales and I use Excel for mac to generate quotes for potential clients.
As our hire prices vary depending on mileage and time no two quotes are ever the same. I have excel set up just how I like it with all the formulas etc working fine, but I am having difficulty when converting the quote summary page to a pdf. This is what we send to clients, its currently 4 pages long and includes all the journey information, price, terms and conditions and optional extras.
I'm looking for someone who could help me sort out page breaks, widths etc and create a professional looking pdf to send to clients as since a recent Excel update all the page breaks and margins are all formatted wrong on the pdf. See example pdf of the problem I am having.
Many thanks

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