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For $1,500 — Ends 14 Jun 2018 (in 2 months)

I need each of the 100 pages of my website (Google: "anthropic+trilogy") searched from top to bottom for broken and rotten links. Each broken or rotten hypertext link needs to be replaced - either with a next-best-logical-alternative (found by a Google search of keywords in the accompanying text) or if no next-best-logical-alternative link can be found - by removing the hyperlink markup for the text link and changing the previously blue-colored text link to appear as plain bold text.
A broken-link-app can not be used in place of a top-to-bottom manual test of each link.
(The next-best-logical-alternative should be found via (up to) a 15-minute-long Google search which may include the subject in the link, the author's name or keywords in the accompanying text.) If no next-best-logical-alternative link can be found within the (up to) 15-minute search the broken link should be de-activated and the subject retained in plain bold text.
I would expect to receive progress reports on a weekly basis during the 90-day project timeline. You would send a report as each web page is repaired - that would show a list of "xxx links" that were simply deactivated and a second list for "repaired links" that have been replaced with next-best-logical-alternative - showing the original broken link and the replacement link. The report would include a corrected copy of the HTML of each web page as it is completed. (I'll provide a sample report showing how the data is to be presented).
Freelancer is responsible to upload each corrected webpage to the file manager of my hosting service (password would be provided) and replace each webpage's HTML text with the broken links with the completed corrected HTML text version.
In the case of a broken link in an image - if no next-best-logical-alternative can be found - simply change the HTML for the image to delete the hyperlink.
I am offering a pro-rata payment, for each corrected link on the basis of $3 for each broken/rotten link replaced with a next-best logical alternative (found by a (up to) 15-minute Google search of keywords in the text accompanying the link) and $1 for links where no replacement is found and replaced with deactivated plain, bold text.
I would estimate that there are likely over several hundred broken links throughout the hundred or so webpages of my Anthropic Trilogy website - since it's been evolving over the past 20 years.
I would establish an initial milestone to fix broken link project account to the amount of $750 to be paid when the pro rata total amounts to that amount and add additional milestone as warranted by progress.
If this project is completed to my satisfaction and the next-best-logical-alternative links that have replaced the broken links provide my readers genuinly useful followup to the content associated with the broken links - I will pay a bonus (in increments of $100) according to the degree the entire body of replaced links provide relevancy to their associated text.
The project needs to be completed within 90 days.
Any bid that does not show evidence that all the terms of the project are understood and agreed to will be disregarded.
Skill requirement: 90% or better English fluency - $1500.0

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