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#1 : Add validation to prevent functional errors when users are creating IPRemoval /Manage/IpRemoval and IP Management /IpRequest/ProcessRequest pages. Currently if a user inputs it causes the .dns file to be blanked out.
#2 : SimpleDNSMonitor.exe is extremely slow due to the current code not being optimized. We need to optimize the code to process more requests per second. Currently it is only processing 1 every 30 seconds.
#3 : SimpleDNSMonitor crashes if third party application is accessing the .dns or .sdnsbl files. Create function to wait if the file is in use which should prevent the crash.
#1 : Manual, Function to cleanup IP removals that are not valid. If dbo.IpRemoval(IpRemoval) IP does not match any listings once the Input folder(spam files) are cleared then you can just remove the request. This should help with the speed?
#2 : add the password reset function to the web site so users can request a password reset when they forget a password.
#3 : /IpRequest/ProcessRequest is only accessible after they have been approved for IP Management access via the SimpleDNSMonitor.exe Administrator Panel - $750.0

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