Build a basic dating app in Unity for Android + iOS

For $750 — Ends 13 Jun 2018 (in 2 months)

Build a simple dating app for Android + iOS in Unity or other main stream cross-platform development platform. Unity used to be not recommended for non-gaming apps a few years ago but maybe current phones are good enough already to run it without much difference in battery life? You can include your answer in your proposal. I'd prefer Unity if it's not that much more performance heavy.
The development platform needs to be OSX compatible so that I can access the code on my Mac.
You will build both the app and the backend.
You will propose a cheap server that I can rent to host the database.
Backend is ideally node.js / mongo but if it's easier PHP/MySQL is ok too.
The dating app has the usual basic features:
creating own profile with pictures, browsing other profiles, sending messages between users, 1-on-1 video chat between users, secure in-app payments. - €750.0

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