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Job Description for Project Manager As a project manager, you will be the overall in charge of our projects, and you are accountable to the success of it. You will be involved in managing all aspects of the project from conceptualisation and planning, to execution and managing the budget, on top of ensuring that the project is able to meet its various milestones. You will be the main point of contact to the client, and will be working with a team of multi-disciplinary executives. Requirements: Strong communicator - You will be managing all liaisons within the team, internal vendors (suppliers, vendors) and external stakeholders (client, press). You will need to be able to communicate quickly and clearly, as well as manage all stakeholders relationships and expectations. Leadership - You will set the working dynamic, culture and morale within the working group. We are looking for someone who is outspoken, energetic and able to lead small teams Accountability - You will be responsible for the success of the project. We are looking for someone who is committed and highly responsible Able to handle stress - You will need to manage short deadlines and also put your crisis management skills to work as a part of this role. You are expected to be able to think quickly and calmly, and execute on solutions quickly Apply here: submitted by /u/CryptoJobsBlockchain [link] [comments]

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