Content Advertising via Android TV

For $2,500 — Ends 12 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

The project is for businesses who want to advertise the different type of content(promotional, informational, etc) to the people present on their premises by playing videos, carousels, slideshows etc. on the Android TV installed at the location. The project can be divided into two parts -
1. Android TV App - This app will consume the web services and play the content as uploaded by the admin.
2. Admin Dashboard - Admin should have the ability to create different layouts (i.e how many sections a screen should be divided, what content should be played in what section, etc), different groups (i.e x1 no. of locations can run y1 layout, x2 no. of location can run y2 layout) and upload/manage content effectively on aws servers. - ₹2500.0

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