Analytics Dashboard based on Mysql Query Data Dump

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I need to create a dashboard to display results of Mysql queries in a visually clear and well laid out way.
The dashboard will simply display the graphs. The actual queries will be processed in our own pages and dumped in csv format to individual web pages.
The dashboard will need to call those web pages to get the data and then process and display it well.
The dashboard will need to display data in column graph, line graph, line graph area, pie chart or meter or table format depending on a selection made in the hard code.
An example URL with the csv results is here - you can use this as the basis of creating sample graphs:
The first item in the array ("2017 XX") is always the x-axis identifiers. In this instance, there are 2 x items in the arrays. Therefore the graph will be based on one set of columns or points. If there are 3 items, then there would be two graphs overlaid - the first array item would still be the x-axis field names, and the next 2 items would identify two sets of results.
In the instance of more than one set of results, the y-axis would need to identify more than 1 set of values in the scale. And the y-axis would need to show two different colours matching two different graph colours to identify which graph relates to which set of values.
IMPORTANT - I want to see example work of a similar nature before awarding the project. Please include in your portfolio or in messager, a link to an example graph - even if you just show a sample based on the data link I've supplied here.
IMPORTANT - I will be selecting a winner on 12 June. - $750.0

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