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We are considering getting our loft converted and initially need to see if it is feasible and that the beams are not going to be so large it is a hugely difficult task.
In simple terms the span is 9m and the width of the house is 7.5m with a typical fink roof truss at a 40 degree pitch. Roof tiles are standard. The house was built in 2015 and has lightweight block internal walls downstairs and stud upstairs.
The room in the loft would be c.5m wide and the full length of the house. We would like two dormers on the back but need to consider if this is possible.
Would it be possible to work out the beam size for a typical conversion with velux windows and then for dormer. Or just the dormer one as I would imagine a velux front & back would be the same size beams as velux front only.
If so could you let me know the cost and then if we see it is feasible will look to buy the £300 plans for loft conversion from you.

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