Video made in After Effects of Cogs and Gears

Ends 1 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I am looking for someone to create an hour long video of cogs/gears moving and rotating as if it was the inside of a machine.
I have seen this video on YouTube:
The above will give you an idea of the cogs I am looking to have.
If it is not too hard I would also be happy to have some pistons and other moving machine parts in the video.
This video is meant to represent the inside of a chocolate factory so happy for the person to have some artistic licence.
I would prefer a video sample idea to decide who I would like to use for the project. This can have a watermark over the top for your security. It is more for me to see the idea of what you would create and only needs to be around 20-30 seconds long.

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