Job ads 2.0

Find the right person easier, cheaper and faster.

Less applications, more suitability

Our focus is on finding you the right person, not 1,000 mixed applications for you to sift through. We do that by using geofencing, and pre-vetting of candidates. As well as attribute matching for things like compensation, experience and skills. Our candidate profiles are structured to be able to match your job role to a 95% degree.

Roles are guaranteed to be filled

We beleive jobs don't necessarily get filled within 30 days, and sometimes it's shorter and a lot of the time it's longer. So we don't limit your post to 30 days, we keep it live until you tell us it's been filled. We also ramp up the reach of your job ad the longer it's been live, to make sure the right person sees it.

Remove bias from your hiring process

We don't show candidate names, faces or personally identifiable information until you're ready to talk to them directly about the role you want to potentially hire them for. This removes a lot of unconscious bias that can slip into your hiring process unintentionally. We beleive in finding the right person for the role, regardless of personal attributes.

Free if you don't find the right person

We're extremely confident you'll find the right person that we won't take our fee until you've found them. This is the best way we know to share our confidence and reduce the risk for posting your first job ad with us.

Candidates will prefer your job ad

Our candidates create profiles structured to be able to match your job ad on more than 50 different data points. But in the same way, we also add structure to your job ad that makes finding the perfect job easier and faster for the candidate too. Our aim is match candidates to jobs with 100% accuracy.

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