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The Wallich is a homelessness charity which provides support services to homeless and vulnerably-housed people. All post-holders within the organisation are required to work within The Wallich's values, policies, procedures and working practices, in support of the overall achievement of its mission and current business plan. This includes attendance at identified training courses and exhibiting behaviours which demonstrate respect for colleagues, clients and all other stakeholders, and which positively supports the reputation and work of the organisation.

Project Description

The project is located in Cardiff and works with homeless and vulnerably housed individuals. The service provides residential support with the aim of meeting individuals’ needs, which promote independence and lead to a sustainable move-on. The project is funded through the Supporting People Programme Grant and is required to meet the Welsh Government’s National Outcomes Framework. The Framework’s four main aims are:

Promoting Personal and Community Safety

Promoting Independence and Control

Promoting Economic Progress and Financial Control

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Purpose of Role

To coordinate and provide residential support that enables and empowers Service Users to address housing and/or personal difficulties, build their skills and confidence, and ultimately improve their ability to maintain their future accommodation. The support will not create or increase dependence. It will ‘do with’ rather than ‘do for’, so it’s likely that support will involve accompanying Service Users initially, in order to familiarise them with an activity or appointment. Support will help people improve their control, understanding and involvement in dealing with the issues that affect them, and assist Service Users to achieve their preferred outcomes. In addition, to meet the housing management needs of the project ensuring the delivery of a safe, secure and effective service.

Main Duties, Responsibilities and Person Profile

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. To provide support to the residents of the project.

a. To ensure that Service Users are aware of the mission, aims and objectives, policies and procedures of the projects and the duties, responsibilities and obligations of staff.

b. To ensure that all Service Users are treated fairly and afforded equality of opportunity.

c. To manage referrals according to the procedures and eligibility criteria of the project.

d. To ensure that Service Users’ needs are met through the consistent application of the Wallich’s model of support.

e. To manage a Service User caseload with particular reference to:

  • Coordinating and carrying out needs and risk assessments and developing risk management plans.
  • Coordinating and providing project inductions to all new Service Users.
  • Identifying the goals and aspirations of Service Users and developing outcome focused support plans.
  • Coordinating the day to day tasks and activities of Service Users support plans.
  • Applying various conversational skill sets to the benefit of the Service User.
  • Providing information, advice and guidance that enable Service users to make informed decisions about their needs and support.
  • Ensuring that Service Users have a means of expressing their views and that this expression receives appropriate consideration.
  • Actively involving Service Users in their support, and the delivery and development of services.
  • Making referrals to and liaising with relevant agencies and individuals with or on behalf of Service Users.
  • Coordinating and carrying out the reviewing of needs, risk and support plans in line with procedure.
  • Coordinating and carrying out the monitoring of Service User’s progress by assessing levels of control, understanding and involvement in working towards their goals.
  • Representing and advocating with/for Service Users.
  • Ensuring that a planned service withdrawal is incorporated into support ensuring sign-off is realistic, manageable and controlled.

f. To maintain accurate and up to date records of every aspect of Service Users’ issues and support according to procedure.

g. To ensure that the service standards set out in the organisational document ‘Great Expectations’ are met or exceeded.

2. To supervise and mentor an allocated number of volunteers.

a. To provide regular supervision to allocated volunteers in line with The Wallich Supervision Policy.

b. To mentor volunteers providing hands on experience in a safe environment.

c. To agree with volunteers any development needs and take appropriate measures to action these.

d. To monitor work done by volunteers and to ensure that duties and responsibilities are fulfilled and obligations are met.

e. To ensure that the volunteers have a consistent understanding of the mission, values, aims, objectives and policies and procedures of the project.

3. To carry out the project’s housing management functions.

a. To induct Service Users into project and provide and explain the required information.

b. To issue occupancy agreements in line with current legislation/procedure.

c. To ensure Housing Benefit applications are completed and submitted.

d. To collect service charges and rent (where appropriate).

e. To facilitate residents’ house meetings.

f. To address and report maintenance issues in line with the Health and Safety Policy.

g. To monitor and address Health and Safety and carry out the required checks in line with legislation and record appropriately.

h. To ensure good standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all times.

i. To actively encourage residents’ involvement in appropriate housing management functions.

j. To address all issues to maintain a safe and pleasant environment.

k. To implement the Service Users’ Warning procedure as and when appropriate.

l. To minimise voids by carrying out regular room/property inspections, and planning and preparing for move-on/in.

4. To assist in monitoring the effectiveness of the project ensuring objectives and targets are met.

a. To meet the monitoring requirements of the Outcomes Framework and other commissioners.

b. To assist managers with gathering quantitative and qualitative information relating to objectives and targets.

c. To ensure that records of Service Users accessing the service are maintained.

d. To provide statistics and other information as requested by managers.

5. To assist in the overall running of the project.

a. To work in line with all Wallich policies and procedures.

b. To participate in own supervision.

c. To undertake relevant training.

d. To represent The Wallich at relevant external meetings.

e. To liaise with relevant bodies – Housing Associations, support agencies etc. – as appropriate and as the organisation’s representative.

f. To develop links with voluntary and statutory bodies in furtherance of the organisation’s work and for the benefit of the Service User.

g. To report to manager regularly informing him/her of issues arising during the course of the work that require policy decisions.

h. To ensure adequate administrative records are kept.

i. To take part in all aspects of lone working as directed by the policy.

j. To partake in a team handover where applicable.

k. To undertake other duties within the remit of the post.

6. Other

a. To partake in rota and on call system as required.

b. To work and travel across Cardiff.

The list of duties and responsibilities is not an exhaustive one and may be varied from time to time by the organisation. This job description is subject to regular review.

Person Profile

1. Knowledge

a. Knowledge and understanding of current Homelessness Law, the Criminal Justice System and DWP Benefits.

b. Knowledge and understanding of the current welfare changes and the potential implications to housing related support and vulnerable people.

c. Knowledge and understanding of substance misuse and its effects on people, their families and their communities.

d. Knowledge and understanding of how complex needs including mental health can affect individuals and their vulnerability.

e. Knowledge and understanding of the current legal frameworks within which you are expected to work (e.g. POVA, Children’s Act, Mental Health Act, Health and Safety at Work Act, Misuse of Drugs Act).

f. Knowledge and understanding of the need to evidence outcomes and the connection with future funding.

g. Knowledge and understanding of the housing management functions.

2. Experience

a. Experience of working with individuals with complex needs.

b. Experience of housing related support or homelessness (this can be from a personal perspective).

c. Experience of completing needs and risks assessments.

d. Experience of planning and delivering support.

e. Experience of monitoring and recording systems.

f. Experience of working with volunteers is desirable.

3. Other

a. Driving licence and own vehicle is desirable but not essential.

b. Ability to communicate in Welsh is desirable but not essential.

Interview date: 11th September 2019

New starters at The Wallich will be required to complete a 5 day Induction in Cardiff at the commencement of their employment.


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