Kandidate gets top commercial and sales professionals hired at VC-backed startups and tech firms in London.

Unlike traditional recruiters, we have all cut our teeth in startups and high-growth businesses. Our Talent Managers operate in-house at the companies we work with, complementing our proprietary talent matching platform.

We have worked with some of the hottest names in the London tech scene, from Uber to GoCardless.


1. It takes 5 minutes to indicate your career preferences and experience on our platform.

2. Afterwards, whenever our human-assisted algorithm spots a matching opportunity – you’ll get an email with key details on the startup, job and salary.

3. You can then choose whether to accept or decline our offer to recommend you to the startup (sometimes directly to the Founder). Over 40% of professionals we recommend receive an interview invite from the startup – higher than any other job board and platform.


We believe that expert talent managers working directly with exciting companies, assisted by cutting-edge technology, is the path to getting great candidates great jobs.

Our process makes hiring more cost-effective for high-growth startups and ensures candidates only receive accurate job matches that fit with their interests and ambitions.


Following our acquisition of jobs platform RiseHigh and to match increasing demand, we’re hiring across various levels of seniority in sales and business development.

If you have 1-4 years’ experience in client-facing growth roles, ideally within SaaS or in a growing startup, we’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about what we do before applying, visit https://www.kandidate.com/startupjobs/sales/

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