Insights Researcher, Research and Development

The Insights discipline helps empower Rioters' decision-making to be more data-informed. We're an interdisciplinary group of scientists, consultants, and strategists from all sorts of backgrounds, that focus on bringing an astute understanding of players to Riot. We join together to represent and advocate for players from around the world. We believe that illuminating the globally diverse experiences, behaviors, and needs of players is essential to Riot living up to our player-focused mission. We're a group united by our love of games, science, and helping others succeed. Do you embody player empathy and care deeply about the experiences of your audience (our players)? If so, this could be the role for you.

Are you looking for a career that blends your scientific acumen and your deep passion for games? As a Researcher at Riot Games, you will study, represent, and speak for the players around the globe. You’ll join the Insights discipline and embed on a product team to work with a multitude of Rioters from across the company. Your scientific skillset coupled with your audience insight will ensure that we are crafting our products in a player-focused way.

Our R&D gameplay team focuses on crafting and building core game systems and the content therein to build experiences that will delight players for years to come. As a key member of this team, the gameplay researcher identifies and executes research activities to support from initial feature ideation all the way through post-implementation evaluation. This role has a large emphasis on conducting qualitative research via player labs, focus groups, and interviews to understand both player sentiment toward these systems and content as well as their general usability. If through your research, you are excited to represent the voice of the player to designers and product owners in this space, this would be a superb opportunity for you.


  • Partner with your product teams to generate insights and frameworks that’ll inform how we build our products and experiences
  • Provide strategic insights to test teams’ assumptions and inform their actions
  • You will construct, organize, and execute studies and surveys designed to answer business, development, and usability questions
  • Design and moderate labs, guiding participants through a set of tasks and prompting them for authentic, actionable feedback
  • You effectively share your results with Rioters and use your deep understanding of crafting illustrative presentations to accomplish this
  • Mentor other researchers, helping them learn from your own experience.

Applicable Skills and Responsibilities

  • BA or BS in Psychology, Anthropology, Human-Computer Interaction, or a related social science discipline.
  • Minimum of three years of experience in applied or academic research
  • Advanced in your choice of analysis software (SPSS, R, Excel, etc.)
  • Utilization of presentation software (Google Slides, Tableau, etc.)

R and Insights

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No longer accepting applications.

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