Hiya, we are the Smile Tribe and we using voice technology and AI to build a mental wellbeing and personal development service to enable people to live lives they love. Our vision is extremely ambitious and unlike anything on the market. This will be explained further if you are accepted for interview.

We are looking for a passionate, clever and hardworking Python dev to drive forward the development of our backend and complete the data analysis on users and habits. We are close to our first investment round but are looking for someone to help us get there. THE BEST BIT IS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU.

As a company we are taking a very lean approach and currently have a team of 10 with existing technical skills.

We are not looking for you to be the best developer in history, but we want you to be a problem solver who will find a way to get the job done and become brilliant as we grow.

Our team is incredibly passionate and you are unlikely to find such a great group of young people changing the world anywhere else.

We are currently fundraising but the role requires you to work for free until we do. However, if you prove yourself as a leader of our backend who can grow with the company, you will be considered for equity upon our raise. We won’t let you go if you are great and this will kickstart your career. No risk, no reward. Come make something amazing.

Check out our instagram @smiletribeteam to get an inside view of what you are applying for.

Tags: Python and Other