We are looking for a strong hustler partnership team who will dealing with many channels of potential partners. Align with startup culture and digital ecosystem is a great plus point.

Job Description

  • Manage cross partnerships with potential collaborations
  • Research potential partners that align/are a strategic fit
  • Discussions and negotiations with potential partners.
  • Create partnership presentations. Typically, a PowerPoint document summarising objectives, strategies, research, key insights, recommended programs and measurable KPIs.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, Public Relation, Communication, and relevant field to job application.
  • Have minimum 1 years experience in marketing
  • Active communication, result-oriented
  • Self-driven, love challenges, have entrepreneurial spirit and get things done
  • Broad knowledge of sales & marketing strategy
  • Strong communication, negotiating, and interpersonal skills (verbal and written) with hands-on experience with partners, personalities and agencies
  • Highly organised team player

Tags: Marketing