Occ SummaryThis job classification is used for the Nursing Care Assistant FloatPool managed by ISRP.Perform a variety of nonprofessional nursing duties in the direct careof patients underthedirectsupervision of an RN/LPN.Work PerformedPrepare patients, equipment and supplies for specific procedures andprovide manualassistance asrequired.Obtain and record patient data for medical records noting and informingRN/LPN of informationcollected.Administer treatment and personal care procedures to patientsincluding, but not limited to,feeding,bathing, shaving, changing clothing, cleaning and trimming fingernails,bed-making, assistingwithambulation, enemas, skin care, and bowel and bladder elimination;provide such additionalcare asrequired to meet the personal needs and comfort of assigned patients.Participate in teaching activities by reinforcing teaching instructedby RN and/or physician asneeded.Assist physician and nurses with physical examinations by helpingposition patients, changingnon-sterile dressing and weighing patients.Take and record vital signs, record I&O, apply ice bags, administerdouches and enemas.Note andreport any changes in patient's condition.Turn and position patients, set up and feed patients as necessary,provide patients with freshdrinkingwater.Perform fingersticks for blood glucose testing, with appropriatetraining.Assist with admission, discharge, and transportation of patients.Follow standard precautions and use personal protective equipment asrequired.Collect, deliver and conduct routine tests on patient specimens.Clean assigned area; stock and replenish supplies and equipment asrequired.Participate in own professional development by maintaining requiredskills validation andattendingeducational offerings. Support the development of other staff andformal learners.May also perform sterile dressing change for wounds over 48 hours old,IV fluid assistanceactivities,oral/nasogastric feeding and urinarycatherizations/irrigation.Perform other related duties incidental to work described herein.Knowledge, Skills and AbilitiesWorking knowledge of sterile techniques and special procedures that areapplicable to workperformedWorking knowledge of procedures and techniques involved inadministering routine andspecialtreatments to patientsWorking knowledge of sanitation, personal hygiene and basic health andsafety precautionsapplicableto work in a hospitalWorking knowledge ofthe organization and physical layout of thehospitalWorking knowledge of infection control procedures and safetyprecautionsAbility to withstand prolonged standing and walking with the ability tomove or lift at least 50poundsHeavy lifting and the ability to transport stretcher and wheelchairpatients to various hospitallocationsmay be requiredAbility to understand and follow oral and written instructionsAbility to document and communicate pertinent information usingcomputer and/or paperdocumentationtoolsAbility to establish and maintain effective working relationships withpatients and hospital staffWorking knowledge of principles and practices of providing non-professional bedsidepatientcareLevel CharacteristicsN/A

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