We are looking for a suitable candidate to support our Regional Consumer Data-Driven Marketing (CDM) strategy & ambition for new customer acquisition, retention and engagement of existing customers across the Southeast Asia & Oceania region. The emphasis of this role will be towards improving sales contribution and ROI by effectively employing Samsung’s data in a data driven approach.

Key Responsibilities

- Responsible for the frameworks and algorithms to develop audiences for digital marketing on channels and help engage customers more effectively via data driven methodologies
- Create / advise and implement data intensive machine learning methods for audience segmentations and recommend appropriate modelling techniques to attain business goals
- Responsible for the analysis of results and post implementation; Proactively engages and leads the supervision of mid-campaign changes and pivots in campaign plans based on real time results
- Collaborate with other data scientists and engineers in partner companies to drive win-win data partnerships
- Propose and drive value from both internal and external data sources
- Maintain the life cycle of data collecting, training and deployment of machine learning systems
- Articulate, convince and drive data needs and requirements to global stake-holders and cross team data owners
- Be a trusted advisor for best practise ML development by leading and collaborating with other data scientists and engineers to co-develop machine learning solutions for a variety of tasks and projects using different tools and techniques
- Communicate analysis results and concepts in a clear manner to multiple stakeholders and business owners across different product ranges
- Recommend strategic investments in various analytic platforms and solutions
- Collaborate with various IT teams to support data collection, integration and retention based on business requirements
- Translate needs and requirements from various teams, evaluate business activities and needs, and thereafter propose, create, plan approaches to solve analytics problems with the aim of achieving business goals and enhancing business decisions
- Facilitate multiple stakeholders / agencies towards more effective consumer awareness and conversion by way of data driven approaches and frameworks

Desired Skills & Experience

- At least 5 years of experience as an analyst or lead developer in BI systems, or data scientist with a record of using advanced analytical models in business processes
- Proven experience in big data platforms and data science projects
- Relevant experience in presenting findings and insights from analysis to business owners
- Prior experience in managing the life cycle of data projects with a focus in consumer goods, retail or eCommerce
- Prior work experience on data from CRM systems or marketing platforms is a plus

Tags: Software Engineering