Job Description:

  1. Help to excavate and contact small influencers except gamer as much as possible to promo our product.
  2. Able to make the reasonable cooperation plan with influencers by self and execute the plan to come true by self.
  3. Daily report for latest progress of influencer cooperation
  4. Achieve cooperation with influencers with minimal budget.
  5. Indicate influencers to promo by our expectation and demand. E.g. provide advertising slogan and promo plan 

Job Requirement:

1. Have a passion to achieve target

2. Have an big and active community

3. Have a possitive influce to it’s followers

4.  Familiar with people who works in media industry

5. Have small&medium influencer’s resource

6. Have strong ability of business development and negotiation

7.  Prefer the person was influencer agency or influencer.

8.  Have strong ability of logical thinking and can see clearly influencer's personality characteristics and what his fans' needs

Tags: Marketing