Established in early 2016, the Hong Kong Studio is Riot’s first international game development studio. We’re a diverse team, representing 15 nationalities and partnering with teams in the LA headquarters on our flagship title League of Legends, and on an unannounced R&D project, putting the “s” in Riot Games.

While operating like a startup—with autonomy and total ownership—we’re doubling down on our ambitions to build out a world-class studio in a vibrant, international city, on a continent that is home to the League of Legends World Champion teams for the last seven years running. The Hong Kong Studio is searching the planet for talented, passionate people, across all aspects of game development, to help build Riot’s blueprint for a global, multi-studio world... and to make great games!

As a further step forward, we’ve done away with the traditional hierarchical title structure. Even though titles don’t really matter at any Riot office, taking this extra step helps reinforce our desire to keep teamwork at the forefront of what we do. Focusing on working together helps promote individual autonomy, ownership, collaboration, and inclusivity so every Rioter can thrive while we relentlessly pursue games.

That's where you come in.

As the Development Management Leader for our next game(s), you'll be responsible for leading multiple teams to deliver their ambitious goals, and you’ll keep projects on-track, teams healthy, and stakeholders informed. Drawing on your experience in Agile leadership, you'll build and execute development plans that include milestones and deliverables but are flexible enough to allow room for risk and change. Your experience in servant leadership will help you mentor teams with humble confidence and social grace as you partner with fellow leaders to foster an open, transparent development environment and help deliver results to the player.

You are:

  • Educated and experienced: you've earned your bachelor's degree or have 4+ years of experience working with teams in an Agile environment as a Producer, Agile Coach, Project Manager, Development Manager, or Engineering Manager and have worked with or led a team through a full product cycle from ideation to production
  • An Agile pro: you're fluent in—and an avid advocate of—development best practices; you've successfully led teams using a variety of Agile practices including Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Product Management; you take a holistic, systems-thinking view of the product development lifecycle and adapt processes accordingly
  • A delivery-focused leader: you guide teams down the right paths even if they're unpopular or difficult to traverse to ensure they provide optimal value; your unshakeable confidence and cool head makes others look towards you when sirens are blaring and all hell is generally breaking loose
  • A great manager: you have a keen eye for talent who can grow and support your team to achieve excellent results
  • A motivational mentor: you keep teams focused on results, growth, and actionable feedback; you're emotionally attuned to others and are open about your own feelings, which helps you resolve conflicts quickly, comfortably, and respectfully
  • *A change agent*: you raise concerns, challenge convention, and inspire people to move in new directions

You will:

  • Grow your direct reports into top-performing delivery leads who excel at leading teams to achieve their goals
  • Directly lead the development efforts of autonomous and highly aligned teams towards their goals
  • Mentor direct reports to achieve high quality results
  • Create work systems that support effective, sustainable work across multiple teams
  • Regularly assess the team's maturity, health, and composition, relentlessly striving for team cohesion and delivery excellence
  • Create transparency and predictability across multiple teams via story mapping, roadmaps, sprint plans, burn-downs, cycle times, value stream maps, and release reports
  • Partner with leaders and teams across Riot Games to share your knowledge and drive organizational efficiency and improvements for yourself and your teams

Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.

Development Management and Software Engineering

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No longer accepting applications.

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